When I am making pottery, I imagine organic forms, rising up from the earth.


I have been drawn towards organic ceramic forms since I first started pottery in high school. Always wanting to make my pots asymmetrical, I added wavy handles and pieced together unique shapes. I admire perfectly thrown pots on the wheel, but with my work, you will find funky handmade objects that have uneven curves and imperfect lines. I love the way organic shapes form to your hand when holding them.  

I am fascinated by flowers and plants and their relationship with ceramic vessels. When creating certain designs, I often imagine how the pots will look with plants in them.

I use two different firing methods: cone 6 electric and wood fired. With cone 6 electric firings I am able to get bright colors and clearly marked patterns which suit certain pieces. These firings are fairly predictable. Wood fired pots, on the other hand, have an earthy, unpredictable look. This is due to the wood ash and flames that flow through the kiln. I love both firing methods and switch back and forth between the two.

Organic, earthy, eclectic, whimsical, playful are words that best describe my pottery.